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George Bernard Shaw in "The Genuine Islam": I have studied him (The Prophet Muhammad) the wonderful man and in my opinion he must be called the saviour of humanity.
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Islamophobia is common ignorance, not common sense
Whether from the English Defence League, Stop the Islamisation of Europe, the BNP or mainstream media, the attacks against Islam are increasing. One group even has the slogan ' racism is the lowest form of human stupidity, but Islamophobia is the height of common sense.' Such a statement assumes that there is no intellectual basis to Islam, that Muslims are only Muslims due to their heritage and that liberal secularism is itself far superior. 

The reality is different, however. Islamic belief is rationally proven. Muslims are forbidden from having blind or inherited belief. We accept the words of the Qur'an as we have proved that they are the words of the Creator, Allah (God). It is not for us to compare the teachings of the Qur'an to whatever is popular in Britain today, as it is Allah's words for all humanity, not for one people during small period of time. If we judged everything by the status quo, then Europe would never have had an enlightenment; we'd still be oppressed by kings controlled by Rome. This situation was unacceptable to reasonable minded people, hence they sought a better way. Unfortunately, they merely reacted to the middle aged church dominance and adopted a secular separation between public political life and private personal life. It was a compromise solution, avoiding the question of whether God exists, shouldn't He have the dominion?  Instead, it was said that it doesn't matter whether God exists, people have enough common sense to run their own affairs, to decide what is right and wrong. All ideas of freedom and democracy stem from this uniquely European compromise, not a sound rational thought process.

Sadly, there have been hundreds of conflicts since the European enlightenment, caused by human greed and not Islam. Europeans felt that they were free to do as they pleased in the world, colonising any land that they viewed that they could benefit from, whether materially or strategically. They exported their own corrupt values forcibly by the sword and gun, installing puppet rulers to serve European interests when their own troops withdrew. 

If a foreign people resisted such blatant hegemony, they were also attacked, either physically or culturally. This is why Islam is the subject of much attack in Europe today. Islamic values oppose colonialism, exploitation and oppression, so those who cling to the negative European values of freedom and secularism , hoping to colonise, exploit and oppress the world for their own gain, naturally fear the rise of awareness of Islam among Muslims. They fear that Muslims will expose their corruption and oppression throughout the world.

This is the reason why Islam is attacked today. Hypocritically Islam is accused of oppressing women , when in fact it is the dominance of secular values that are the real danger to women . Those who do view women as inferior, beating them and holding them back in life do so precisely because the Islamic system is not implemented anywhere today, but rather the whole world has been forced to be secular , as a legacy of Western colonialism. The same can be said about how Islam is accused of being aggressive and wanting to oppress non-Muslims . These are lies, which are quickly refuted if anyone was to make a serious study of what Islam actually says. 

The world has a lot more to fear from secular liberalism than Islam. Current and past Western colonialism is why the worlds poor have no hope. It is why millions die in pointless wars to further the selfish interests of a few. It is why even Western societies are self-destructing, as the cycle of mindless violence and crime is only spiralling out of control. Islam actually offers solutions to such problems, but some prefer to live in darkness, oppressing others and hoping that no one else sees through them and sees the light.

1) Steve: This is indeed a secular country steeped in modernism and relativism (which is to be regretted) but don't believe that the distaste for Islam is borne of ignorance in EVERY case, some of us despise it because we know it for what it is - a religion of hatred founded on the satanic delusions of one man and we are determined that it will not take our country. You hypocrites - demanding freedom here whilst openly denying it to Christians and those of other religions in your mismanaged and deeply corrupt and islam dominated countries.   (26/11/2009 at 23:46)
It is hardly hypocrisy for a Muslim to ask not to be oppressed (we are not asking for freedom) while living in the West. The oppressive regimes that deny Christians basic rights are Western colonial fabrications, which the Muslim population are entirely innocent of. Ghaddafi, Ben-Ali, Mubarak, Asad etc. were all Western agents ruling with Western support. None were ever sanctioned by their people.

When in glass houses (i.e. you live in a deeply corrupt and mismanaged country yourself, that actually manufactures and supports even more deeply corrupt and mismanaged regimes overseas) you really should not be throwing stones.

Islam never offered freedom to Muslims or non-Muslims, but it does offer a just and accountable system of government and law which secures basic rights of worship and economic activity to all citizens, Muslim or otherwise. 
2) Mo: In the fourth paragraph freedom is described as a 'negative European value'. Is this a mistake? Where can there be righteousness without freedom?

  (27/12/2009 at 16:44)
The sentence reads: "so those who cling to the negative European values of freedom and secularism, hoping to colonise, exploit and oppress the world for their own gain, naturally fear the rise of awareness of Islam among Muslims." 

It is only due to the secular belief of separating religion and state that the West still clings to the ideal of freedom, even though it never has been, nor is ever likely to be achieved in reality. Hence, it is negative, as it is a fantasy. It is true that there are levels of oppression and relative freedoms, but this is not the goal of Western 'freedom lovers', who sell absolute freedom to the masses. It is only the most powerful oppressor who has the most freedom, to do as he pleases, trampling on others to do so. These oppressors are Western governments and their backers today.

Righteousness for a Muslim come from his submission to Allah. It is not a selfish personally defined righteousness (self-righteousness), but a submission to the Creator who defines good and bad itself. Hence, it is through slavery that one becomes righteous. Of course, slavery to man is just oppression, so Islam demands slavery to Allah to be free from man's tyranny. 


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